16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Yes, the title of this painting is Untitled. I feel entitled to title this painting Untitled. Many artists have paintings titled Untitled, so I figured I should title one Untitled so that I have an untitled painting in my project. Also, I am at a loss of words today. My thoughts are all for Ozlyn and Nicole. I have no words to describe this. There is no title I could give to these feelings. I’m just… happy.

THe eVe oF You



12″ x 14″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Months and weeks, days and hours of anticipation, anxiety and nervousness are about to explode into the air and vanish from existence by the power of your… existence. When you grace us with your presence in our presence it will be the most unprecedented present we will ever be presented. Countless breathes inhaled and forgotten to be let go of will be… let go of, ahhh. Countless thoughts of our perception of your perfections will be realized in our real eyes by your… perfection. Our recreation to recreate “us” will be the creation that is… you. You have made our hearts flutter with the flutter of your heart. The flutter of your breaths, kicks and squirms. And when you arrive and your fluttering heart starts its beat for the world.  We will be proud… so proud to say… that you are our… baby girl. You will be loved. You will be so loved :)

HaPPy. LoVe. DaY


12″ x 16″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Random words written across scattered grains of sand on any given beach. Pick them up and arrange them in your hand if you want to know your future. The wind came and blew them all away. The love of summer was left behind. Do you know how many different scenarios there can be? Another handful, another happy day, another birth. A wave came and washed it all away. But on the horizon they can see a little girl walking. Is that a halo or just the outline of the rings of the rays of the sun? Either way she’s an angel. She picks up a fist-full of sand. What does it say…?




16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


2 guys stand face to face with a table between them while having drinks in a bar, I think. No, those are teeth not a table that you see. See, those are eyes not heads on necks on shoulders on torsos. So there you go. Then where’s the nose? Nose? Right above the table… i mean teeth. I mean. I don’t know where the nose is or goes, but I know it’s a face and a face has a nose. That is just space on the face… I mean between the 2 guys that are standing face to face. See I told you it was a face.




16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Nothing sweeter than when she breathes. She moves. Playing tag through mom’s belly. You’re it. Recognizing voices, foods and waking up. She rises. Her favorite song is Three Birds by Bob Marley. She dances. Growing bigger, stronger and ready for the world. She breathes. Don’t worry little one, you’ll be free soon. She waits… we wait… we breathe… she breathes.

MoRe WaTeR



16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


It can take you, flip you upside down and break you. It can make you, want to come back for more. You can try to, get away, but it won’t let you. You’ll hear it call you, it’ll come and get you. It’s the call, the call that you just have to, answer and you’ll come back to. The call of the waves will grab you. It might be chunky, choppy, glassy or funky. Might call it a hella, awesome, wicked or crunk sea. Don’t let it miss you, we all need some of the sea. So when it calls you, run right down to the sea. Give a wave to the waves in the sea. Give a wave to the waves for me.



16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Ratsa all dance to de positive vibe. Bangin’ on de drum feel de beat feel alive. Roll a little something ‘n’ pass it to ya friend. Pull it up from de ground, get it out de garden. Only put inna de body de food dat mek ’em feel good. Treat it like a temple, like ya know ya should. Be a good man to ya bredren, to ya sistren, to everyone dat ya see. Cuz ya know dat we all part of de same family. Give thanks, give praises up to de Most High. In de name of de father Haile Selassi I.




18″ x 24″  Mixed Media on Canvas

Remember cassettes? Turn it back with a pencil and throw it in the tape deck. My first cassette was Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet. I was wanted dead or alive and my Walkman was strapped to my side. Bel Biv Devoe up through my headphones. Poison as can be I controlled the show. Want to hear the last song on side two? Stop, eject, flip it over and let it fast forward through. Let it fast forward. Forward. Forward. Forward into CD’s and MP3’s. Your playlists come up for you to see. No rewinding, no waiting, no going back to the way it used to be. No going back to the way it used to be. No going back to…

NeW ReaLiTy



11″ x 15″ Mixed Media on Canvas


At times my day dreams get the best of me and I drift away to this internal reality. Walking around on a tropical beach wearing shorts and a tank-top, feel the sand beneath my feet. Exploring a place that is new to me. Right turn here, left turn there, where should we stop to eat? New town, new city, new faces and people to meet. Snap a picture with new friends to save the memory. Sail away, sail away in my dreams with me. Sail away, sail away to a new reality…




12″ x 13″ Mixed Media on Canvas


If you want this you are going to have to take it. You cannot sit back in the shadows with your arms folded and just hope you’re going to make it. There’s a world of ideas out there waiting to be grabbed. Step out of line, get your head straight and grab your bags. Fill it up to overflow, grab the good ones and don’t let go. 50,001 thoughts every single day pass through my brain like the raindrops coming down. They bring me to my knees and have me pounding on the ground. I cannot take the voices, I can’t listen to the sounds. It’s getting closer to the end and it’s coming back around. More thoughts, more ideas, more art is flowing now. My world to create… my world for the taking. Welcome to a world of ideas… these are… the ones… I’m making.

FLiPPiN’ ouT


16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


I gave my mom the bird and she started to flip out. I looked at her, she looked at me and began to shout. I couldn’t understand the words coming out her mouth. She started crying and went to sit down on the couch. I never gave my mom the bird before. I gave one at a family party and later gave some more. It’s confusing to me because I always heard… that people get really angry when you give them the bird. But as far as I can see… everyone that I given the bird to gets extremly happy. I guess giving the bird is something that should be done. Hopefully I’ll be able to give the bird to everyone.

SoMeTiMeS i SiT







36″ x 60″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Sometimes I sit under the moon and think we must be here for a reason. Another year passes and we change with the seasons. Try not to mistake these signs for chance. Try to follow the rhythms of their dance. Don’t get frustrated by the same old routine. Read between the lines and find out what they mean. Your future could be looking right into your eyes. Don’t get too mixed up and make yourself go blind. These things have been written, they are part of your path. Brush off all the people that sit back and laugh. They know not what to do with this opportunity. They missed all the signs, they just don’t see. Take this world, take it in your hands. Take this world and fill it with your plans. You are they one that holds the key. Only you can unlock your destiny.

WHaT i’Ve SeeN


8″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Close my eyes see the holes in the sky. Close my eyes and wonder why. Close my eyes to remember your face. You are missed, I was crushed when you left this place. Ten years in life never seemed so fast. Ten minutes in the end seemed to last and last. Close my eyes wish I could have done more. Wonder everyday what you had to go for. Gave you my breath, but it just wouldn’t take. Pounded on your chest, but you just wouldn’t wake. Look up at night see the holes in the sky. Close my eyes and I wonder why. Close my eyes hope all is okay. Close my eyes… know we’ll meet again… someday.



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Do you think we’re the only ones out here?  Is there life out in this universe other than on Earth?  Are the Mayans right?  Who will save us?  Is there a parallel universe where anything you dream can happen?  Would you want to go there?  If you could meet the you from another planet would you want to?  What if you didn’t like the you you met?  Do you think heaven is real?  Is it out there in the space?  Do you think we get to come back?  Would you do it over the same way?  Do you like the you that you have become?