BoW ouT


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

This is the 365th day of the year. This is the 365th piece of art I have posted. This is the 365th time I will write…

There have been ups and downs during this project just as in life. I’ve made things I love and others that might go into the fire pit. I’ve succeeded in my goal to create and post a piece of art everyday for one year. I have failed to raise all the money for a future art student. I still hope to donate most of the work throughout the course of next year. I will meet these goals in 2013.

I’m not sure what this project means in the grand scheme of things. There will not be a movie made about this like that lady from Julie & Julia. Nothing will be hanging in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This project will not be in any art history books. It will be a quiet accomplishment that most of the world will not ever find out about. And that… is okay. I didn’t do this for fame or recognition. I did this because I had to. All of these ideas were in my head and they needed to come out, just like when I was a little kid drawing at the dining room table. So I guess it just means what it always has… I am an artist. I am thankful for it.

Thank you… to everyone that has been a part of this small journey. To the fans that have liked, pinned and followed. To the new collectors that have purchased. To the Enfield Mall, Imagine Main Street in Manchester, Katrin of Dali Mamma Cafe and Annie of A Salon for letting me share your space. To everyone that donated supplies, passed along ideas and gave compliments. For the love and support. To my family and friends. To Nicole and Ozlyn. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

and now I bow out, but not for long…



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


This is not over. It is the end of a period of time. A time where young artists must die to become immortalized. A time where the fight between good and evil still lingers. Where motive-less killers prey on innocent minds to become a part of history. I’d much rather die having made 365 pieces of art with no recognition. I’d rather put Jimi Hendrix’s eyes over Charles Manson’s face and make him look a whole lot more friendly. Because I… still believe in good. Let love rule and there will be no more violence. Every end is a new beginning. Reasons unseen will come to light in future days. We are all creatures of love. WE ARE ALL CREATURES OF LOVE, but if we cannot find love in our own worlds… we go mad. I think I went a little mad this year. But not due to lack of love. Mad in a good way. People need to find their outlets in the world. I found my outlet at a very young age. It is amazing what can happen if you give a kid a box of crayons, a piece of paper and positive words. Stay positive, be good and try to see the goodness in others. We all have something inside to share. Find your outlet and let the electricity flow.








24″ x 36″ Mixed Media on Metal


End of the day, end of the month, end of the year, end of this project. End… of this project. This is all starting to seem very unreal. Like I’m in this long running dream that won’t… end. But everything comes to an end and in the end, the end is the opportunity to start something new. Something new… that will eventually… end.

My NaMe iS


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

My name is Ozlyn Rayne. You can call me Oz, Ozzie, Ozer, Z, Little Monkey, Peanut, Sweets, Beautiful or just Ozlyn is fine too. I am a cultural revolutionary, even though I have no idea what that means. I will travel to far away lands and help people in need, once I am able to walk. I will show the world my talents,when I figure out what they are. I will be spontaneous, even though my parents might be hesitant. I will be open minded. I will be understanding, honest and loyal. I will not pass judgement on others and treat people with respect. I will be great. I know this, because my parents told me so.

LiFe aT HoMe



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

Watching you relaxing is so taxing on my heart. Every breath, every move, every sound… no don’t start… to cry. Watching you eating is being able to see nature up close and personal. You were in a body growing. You were delivered from that body. Now you are using that body for food. Amazing! Watching you sleeping is the most peaceful thing I’ve ever witnessed on Earth. You are so content. You smile… once in a while. What are you dreaming about? Maybe relaxing and eating… and more sleeping?

a ReVoLuTioN


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

How can someone so little be the biggest revolution in my world? You are the most beautiful creation I have ever seen. This painting is what I’ve been feeling inside all day long. I feel like I have witnessed perfection. I feel like you are the only thing that will ever matter. I feel like my mouth has been hanging open all day in awe of you. Like my eyes have never been opened wider so that I can take you in. I am so happy you are here. I am so proud to be your father. You are more than I could have ever imagined.




11″ x 15″  Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper


Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive. Where will you run to to save your life? They’re coming after you there’s no where to hide. Do what you gotta do just to stay alive. Fly like a butterfly don’t get stung by the bees. Pack your power punches like Muhammad Ali. The world only dishes out as much as you can take. Gather up your strength, don’t bend don’t break. Predator vs. prey in the middle of the night. You gonna run for your life or will you stand up and fight?





12″ x 13″ Mixed Media on Canvas


If you want this you are going to have to take it. You cannot sit back in the shadows with your arms folded and just hope you’re going to make it. There’s a world of ideas out there waiting to be grabbed. Step out of line, get your head straight and grab your bags. Fill it up to overflow, grab the good ones and don’t let go. 50,001 thoughts every single day pass through my brain like the raindrops coming down. They bring me to my knees and have me pounding on the ground. I cannot take the voices, I can’t listen to the sounds. It’s getting closer to the end and it’s coming back around. More thoughts, more ideas, more art is flowing now. My world to create… my world for the taking. Welcome to a world of ideas… these are… the ones… I’m making.

SyMBoL oF THe aBSoLuTe


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


“The goal which all the Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at and which men desire when they lead the life of continence… is Om. This syllable, Om, is indeed Brahman. Whosoever knows this syllable obtains all that he desires. This is the best support; this is the highest support. Whosoever knows this support is adored in the world of Brahma.”

~ Katha Upanishad I

i WaNT


26″ x 37″ Mixed Media on Paper


“I want to be a lost poem in a stranger’s coat pocket, that conveys the importance of you. To assure you of my desire, to assure you of dreams. I want all the possibilities of you in writing. I want to give you your reflection, I want your eyes on me, I want to travel to the lightness with you and stay there, and I want everything before you to follow us like a trail behind me. I want never to say goodbye to you, even on the street corner or the phone. I want, I want so much… I’m breathless. I want to put my power into a poem to burn a hole in your pocket so I can sew it. I want my words to scream through you. I want the poem not to mean that much. And I want to contradict myself by accident, and for you to know what I mean. I want you to be distant and for me to feel you close, I want endless days when it’s day and nighttime never to end when it’s night. I want all the seasons in one day. I want the sun to set before us and come up in front of us. I want water up to our waists and to be drenched by the rain, up to our ankles with holes in our shoes. I want to think your thoughts because they’re mine. I want only what’s urgent with you. I want to get in the way of the barriers and I want you to be a tough guy when you’re supposed to, like you do already. And I want you to be tender, like you do already. And I want us to have met for a reason and I want that reason to be important. And I want it to be bigger than us, I want it to take over us. I want to forget. I want to remember us. And when you say you love me I don’t want to think you really mean New York City, and all the fun we have in it. And I want your smile always, and your grimaces too. I want your scar on my lips, and I want your disappointments in my heart. I want your strength in my soul and I want your soul in my eyes. I want to believe everything you say, and I do. And I want you to tell me what’s best when I don’t know. And when you’re lost I want to find you. And when you’re weary I want to give you steeples and cathedral thoughts and coliseum dreams. I want to drag you from the darkness and kneel with you exhausted with the blinding light blaring on us… and…”

~ Chelsey Walls

YouR GoD


18″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood


There is something out there and we can’t figure it out. Some people believe and some filled with doubt? Is it the father, the son, holy ghost? Or monkeys up there putting on a show? Hard to keep faith with questions unanswered. Family and friends taken by sickness and cancers. The poor and the hungry, the lost and the hurt. How will the meek inherit the earth? Asked to believe without any proof. Seek for yourself and you’ll find your truth. The god you pray to will be there for you. The god you pray to will be your truth. Let go of your doubts give in to your faith. One day she’ll call and you’ll be wide awake. When it’s your turn you’ll get the answers you’re after. Your heart will be filled with joy and laughter. But until then just patiently wait. Believe in your god, believe in your faith.