LiFe aT HoMe



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

Watching you relaxing is so taxing on my heart. Every breath, every move, every sound… no don’t start… to cry. Watching you eating is being able to see nature up close and personal. You were in a body growing. You were delivered from that body. Now you are using that body for food. Amazing! Watching you sleeping is the most peaceful thing I’ve ever witnessed on Earth. You are so content. You smile… once in a while. What are you dreaming about? Maybe relaxing and eating… and more sleeping?

a ReVoLuTioN


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

How can someone so little be the biggest revolution in my world? You are the most beautiful creation I have ever seen. This painting is what I’ve been feeling inside all day long. I feel like I have witnessed perfection. I feel like you are the only thing that will ever matter. I feel like my mouth has been hanging open all day in awe of you. Like my eyes have never been opened wider so that I can take you in. I am so happy you are here. I am so proud to be your father. You are more than I could have ever imagined.



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


December’s cold always gets so old so fast. Chilling my bones to feel like breaking. Shutting me down, mentally aching. Not sure how much more of the taking I can be taking. Winter is here and ready to rip life from the landscape that flakes will cover. Burying beauty of color behind skeletons. I will not die this time. I will find joy in December’s future. See more color than winter has ever known. She is here. She will stab winter right in the heart making all of the pain, the cold, the misery, the dead go away. She will be the fire that melts away the ice. She will be my winter kryptonite. She will be my December sun. She is here. She is the one. Thank you beautiful…



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Even though he is gone, he is there and you have the memories. One love. He is the one who taught you about life, love and how to sing. One Heart. Though these days are tough and the nights are long he left you with the gift of song. Let’s get together. You will get back up, you will rise above and sing again your songs of love. And feel all right. One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right. He is in your heart, he is looking down. He is smiling at you, so lift your frown. You make him proud when he hears your sound. So sing it loud up to his cloud. You will get by. One love. You are strong. One heart. Write one for him and sing that song… One Love… One Family… One Heart…



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Remember doing absolutely nothing on the weekends? Remember the parties? Remember Super Bowl at John and Maxine’s? Remember Powder Hollow? Remember Nelson’s, Almeida’s and Larusso’s? Remember paying for 7-Eleven nachos with stolen change? Remember the Chevette? Remember the smoke and listening to ATLiens all the way through? Remember Zima? Remember buying 40’s at Worthington Street when you were 15? Remember when the trash can got stuck under Zaccaro’s Mustang? Remember running from the cops? Remember the days? Remember…?

aM i aLL THaT You DReaMeD?


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Am I pretty enough? Am I everything you dreamed I would be? Am I living up to all of your visions of me? Do you still like the way that I smile? Do you still want to sit and chat about nothing for a while? Do you want to linger in my company? Do I live up to your visions of me? Are you hurting deep down inside crying there on the floor? Are you fed up? Are you ready to walk out that door? Did I shatter your image of what you thought I would be? Did I shatter all of your expectations and visions of me? I hope not. I Hope that I didn’t. I hope that you’ll see. That I have lived up to all of your visions of me.



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Chains break in the darkness of the midnight hour. Held down no more, running for freedom, running for life. Hidden in the bush from firefly lights and cricket wing fights. Cold ground was her bed last night and rock stone was her pillow too. Dreams of better days made mosquito bites feel like soothing back rubs. High tide and sun rays breathe fresh life into the new day. Wake up and live, wake up and dance today. And when you dance in the air of the gift from tonight don’t ever forget what your yesterdays were like.


LiKe BLooD


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

Always got my back, always got yours. No questions asked, that’s how it formed. Thicker than water, close like blood. Pull you out the mud or the deepest flood. Runnin’ through the forest, can’t see through the trees. Help you find the light, get you off your knees. Call me up bro in the middle of the night. I’ll listen to your words, I’ll give you some advice. When times are tough, seems like there’s no end. Always got your back, always be your friend. Really don’t matter if many days pass. You are like blood, this was meant to last. Always got your back… No questions asked.



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

He does it for the people, for the masses, for the Earth. He does it trying to tell us what this life is really worth. He sings for the people and they sing along. He sings for the masses and they chant his songs. Songs of life, self-worth, and positive things. Songs of freedom, slowing down and seeing everything. He does it trying to help rewrite the book. He does it so that you’ll stop and take a look. He sings for the love inside you and I. He sings for the souls of the most high. Songs of dreams becoming reality. Songs for the masses. Songs for you and me.



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Worry too much about what they think. Can’t taste that good, the Kool-Aid they drink. Follow the crowd, get lost in the mix. Brainwashed by others, might never get fixed. Beware of the wolves dressed up in sheep clothing. Beware of fitting the molds that their molding. TV’s got your mind and remotes you control. Feel trapped by the system, there’s no letting go. Don’t be afraid to step out in the rain. Don’t be afraid of the change and the pain. Challenge of life can only make us stronger. Challenge of life will make us live longer. Not a product just stuck on the shelf. Get up, stand up, just be yourself.

FoR You



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Give you my heart, my soul and everything I am. Every line, every dot, every drop of paint from the can. Let you in, try to give you a little piece of me. Bare my soul in my work hoping you can see. Loving the response, the likes and checking them everyday. Your feedback, your words and what you have to say. Filling your home with my emotions on your walls. Someday to be passed down to hang in your kid’s halls. This project has grown into more than just mine. For you or a friend there has become something to find. To come back to… To enjoy… To take with you… To give to someone else… To love. Thank you…



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Black shadow dancing on Heaven’s horizon. Chains could never hold you back. Hopes and dreams and misery fade like exhaled cigarette smoke in the sky. She is free. Butterfly wings leave empty caves hollow and cold without feeling, without sound. Blurred reality mixed with dreams create memories that never happened. She is free. Drifting in and out of subconscious thoughts of light, scent and sound. Cold sweat night terrors and racing hearts. Three in the morning thoughts seem to last so long. Black shadow dancing right through the gates. Broken chains hang from her wrists. She is free…

eVeRYoNe SeeS iT


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond



When I see you the world stops. It stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes staring at you. There’s nothing else. No noise, no other people, no thoughts or worries, no yesterday, no tomorrow. The world just stops and it is a beautiful place and there is only you. Just you, and my eyes staring at you.  James Frey,  A Million Little Pieces

DoN’T STaRe aT iT


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond



I don’t believe I’ve made any flowers in my style in a while.  Hopefully these will satisfy what you’ve been missin’ and make you smile.  I know this eclipse is not really blinding, well that is what I’m finding.  I know that my rhyming may be off on its timing, but I hope you’re enjoying it and not really minding.

CLeaR Me SoMe SPaCe


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


This has to be my least favorite thing that I have made so far. I know this isn’t so clear to see, but you can see the clear paint used in it right?  After making the All White piece I wanted to take it to the next level and go clear.  What is next after this?  Clear paint on glass perhaps.  Perhaps not, but we’ll see.