Mixed Media on Styrofoam

Say so long there are only days to go. Winding time down like time is in slow-mo. Take a knife to my work and slit her throat. Gasping for air as she crawls to the door. Bleeding out paint all over the floor. Look into her eyes and I can see the past year stare back at me screaming don’t let this end. Look at yourself, look at what you are doing, look at where you have been. Don’t close those pads, don’t drop those pens. Leave those paint cans open, splatter those canvases again. Who are you to let this come to an end? You got us into this mess day after day. This is how we will be repaid? By killing the lifeline that brought you three-sixty-five. Turn your back on us and you are the one who will die…

LiKe BLooD


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond

Always got my back, always got yours. No questions asked, that’s how it formed. Thicker than water, close like blood. Pull you out the mud or the deepest flood. Runnin’ through the forest, can’t see through the trees. Help you find the light, get you off your knees. Call me up bro in the middle of the night. I’ll listen to your words, I’ll give you some advice. When times are tough, seems like there’s no end. Always got your back, always be your friend. Really don’t matter if many days pass. You are like blood, this was meant to last. Always got your back… No questions asked.



11″ x 15″ Prismacolor & Sharpie on Watercolor paper


When is the last time you put your hands in the soil?  When is the last time you felt like part of this Earth?  Don’t get disconnected from your mother.  Don’t forget what life is worth.  Planted here for a purpose.  Planted here to grow.  Planted here to be a part of something bigger than you know.  If it were all just so easy.  If you didn’t need to try.  Would you still make an effort before you died?  Put your hands in the soil and become one with the Earth.  Plant seeds today and make the most of their worth.

DoN’T STaRe aT iT


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond



I don’t believe I’ve made any flowers in my style in a while.  Hopefully these will satisfy what you’ve been missin’ and make you smile.  I know this eclipse is not really blinding, well that is what I’m finding.  I know that my rhyming may be off on its timing, but I hope you’re enjoying it and not really minding.



24″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Wood

Like my earlier post of Explosive Flower Field, Skeloflowers is a mini fireworks show mixed with flowers.  The white reminds me of a skeleton or an x-ray.  Originally there was no white paint on this and I was going to sell it that way, but it was not finished in my mind.  I couldn’t do it.  Now that it is finished I think it is ready for it’s new home.

HaPPy NeW YeaR


48″ x 60″ Mixed Media on Canvas



It’s finally here. 01.01.12.  Day one out of 365.  I want to start with a bang and hope this keeps everyone interested in what’s to come.  This is my fireworks show to get things going for this year.  Hope everyone has a safe and healthy 2012.

BOOM! pop! CRACKLE! pow! The sounds in the ground that gotta get out. The flowers are ready and they wanna go. Grow up in your face for the fireworks show. They only explode whan the timing is right. Poppin’ up from the ground to light up the night. Never in your life will you see such a sight. Something to cherish for the rest of your life.