8″ x 10″ Oil on Paper


I didn’t think streets like mine existed anymore. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood. They’re always outside playing games or riding bikes together. It reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in. We are always outside doing something, not sitting in the house all day on the computer or in front of the TV. So, when Kyle and Zack pulled up on their bikes while I was painting and the first thing I hear is whoa! That is so cool! I knew the words “can I have it” were coming next. Sure enough there they were and Kyle had got himself a painting. I’m a sucker for kids what can I say?

No FooD iN BeD


10″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Paper


Our friend Joe was back home from London, England for a bit and came over to visit.  I was working on the project as usual and thought I’d get him in on it.  I did a little version of the Rorschach test on him, but only for this one image.  “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this?”  Burnt Toast in Bed was born.  Do you see what Joe sees or is there some other image in your mind?

So SPeCiaL


24″ x 36″ Aerosol on Paper


Forty day tear. Got road-wear. No-doz braking. Breaking, breaker. Caffeine shakes. Can’t feel my legs. Three quarters dead. Motel ahead. Just give me a table and a single shed. Just give me cable and a single bed. Have a ray gun. Sleep tight son. Desk man’s got a face, like Norman  Bates. Don’t let it outta the box!. Yeah the blue light is good. Yeah the blue light is great. Gotta pile it on, your Blue Light Special plate. If you shovel it in, they can vacuum you out. Gonna take you on a junket. That you never dreamed  about.  ~Bottle Rocket



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Paper



What was it like before highways?  Before drive through food lines?  Before money?  How did we go from living off the land to living on the couch?  Where are all of our gardens?  Our outdoor fun?  Why are some people’s phones more important than their personalities?  Where are we headed?  Is it the right direction?  What was the world like in the beginning?  What were we before all of this?

LiFe DaY 5


18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Paper



Life can be backwards at times.  Bad things happen to good people.  People who are trying to live within the rules of the systems that have been established to “help” them.  Just when things are going great…POW!… a set back.  The rich get richer and just want more.  People go hungry, but our grocery stores throw out food everyday.  People buy purses and jeans that cost hundreds of dollars, yet can’t seem to find some change to help someone down on their luck.  There are wars for peace. Try to be good.  Try to help out where and when you can.  We are all here together.  The human family.



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Paper



There’s really nothing in this painting to find, is there?  Unless you look hard enough for it.  Some people will see it and others won’t.  Like those magic eye pictures.  Can you see it?  If you can guess what it is… you win.  There’s nothing I swear.  Well maybe…



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Paper



I want to live in the sea.  I want to be a small fish and travel the world with my family and pack of good friends.  There’d be no jobs or house/yard work and we’d eat our meals along the journeys.  We’d get to see so many cool places and meet other schools from around the world.  They would tell us where they’ve been and what they’ve seen.  I want to be free in the ocean drifting around with nothing to worry about.



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Paper



Sometime you’ve got to.  But I like the smell of fresh cut grass more.  Smell the roses.  It doesn’t do it for me.  Just do it.  Nothing.  Nothing?  Yeah, I still think the grass is better.  Whatevs!  It’s nothing personal and it’s just a saying anyways?  What?  Yeah, really…

i MeaNT To Do THaT


11″ x 15″ Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper



This is not what I wanted to draw.  This is not what I wanted to paint.  Or is it?  Is it the other way around?  This is what I wanted to draw.  This is what I wanted to paint.  I don’t know which I wanted to do or not do, but this is what I came up with.

RaSTaMaN LiVe uP!


11″ x 15″ Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper



Rastaman live up. Bongoman don’t give up. Congoman live up, yeah. Binghi-man don’t give up.  Keep your culture. Don’t be afraid of the vulture. Grow your dread lock. Don’t be afraid of the wolf-pack. 

iN LiFe


10″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Paper



Why are we all here in the universe?  Why are some people more well-off than others?  Why can I make art?  Why can’t I stop making art?  Why aren’t all people good?  The list of life’s questions goes on for eternity and we’re all here trying to figure them out.  Don’t worry… about a thing… cuz… you know the rest, I think :)



10″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Paper

This is my hand.  This is my drawing.  This hand drew this man.  I dipped this hand down into the paint and pressed it against the paper.  After it was dry I drew this man over it.  The letter “y” means “and” in Spanish.  Hence the name Handyman (hand y man).  Hand and man.  I guess I could have went with Manoyhombre as well.

He WaS oNLy 27






8.5″ x 11″ Mixed Media on Water Color Paper


I had just finished watching Jean-Michel Basquiat The Radiant Child by Tamara Davis and I had to make something as soon as it was over.  I made a pair of tribute sneakers in Baquiat’s honor in my first week and now had to try my hand at his style.  Most people hate it.  They look at it and scream that it is not art.  But what is art?  Personally I love his work and am a huge fan of his.  Maybe my next attempt will be in his style, but on a much larger scale like the way he worked.  I even let my 2 year old niece (Grace) throw down some lines on this one.


mijumi Pollock

8″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Paper



Most people think that anyone can do what Jackson Pollock did as an artist.  I agree that they think they can do it, but disagree that they actually can.  Yeah, you can make something the same way he did, but can you get people to embrace it the way he did?  Can you produce different ideas in the same style the way he did?  Can you use the right colors?  Can you work this way day in and day out and make one painting look different than the next?  Jackson Pollock was a genius… deal with it.  I just wanted to bite his style for a minute to see what it was like.