He WaS oNLy 27






8.5″ x 11″ Mixed Media on Water Color Paper


I had just finished watching Jean-Michel Basquiat The Radiant Child by Tamara Davis and I had to make something as soon as it was over.  I made a pair of tribute sneakers in Baquiat’s honor in my first week and now had to try my hand at his style.  Most people hate it.  They look at it and scream that it is not art.  But what is art?  Personally I love his work and am a huge fan of his.  Maybe my next attempt will be in his style, but on a much larger scale like the way he worked.  I even let my 2 year old niece (Grace) throw down some lines on this one.

One thought on “He WaS oNLy 27

  1. Well, you are already famous in this house. I have been slacking at checking out your work – it’s quite a commitment just to check it everyday, I have no idea how you create everyday. As I was scrolling through your work Grace was walking by and hopped up on my lap, when this piece came up she pointed at the screen and yelled “Uncle Mike!”. You’re making quite the impression on my kids (whether they are a part of your work or not :) ). Great job – your art is awesome!