Mixed Media on Plaster Sculpture

Wrapped up in fluid, flesh and skin… you grew. Tracking your size… a pea, a plum, a fist, a football. I’ll never forget the day that present was opened. The cry of life you shouted into the world. The doctor… Oh my God she has a lot of hair! The tears running down your mother’s cheeks. The experience of love at first site. I didn’t know that was real. The feeling of shedding all selfishness from my being. The knowledge of danger… the day I walked out of the hospital I realized how scary the world we live in is. I realized how precious life really is. Yes, anyone can create life, but there is no doubt it is a miracle… every… single… time. If you don’t believe in a higher power after seeing your child for the first time… you should get your soul checked. She is life. She is beauty. She is love. You are love little girl. You are love. You… are love.



Mixed Media on Styrofoam

Say so long there are only days to go. Winding time down like time is in slow-mo. Take a knife to my work and slit her throat. Gasping for air as she crawls to the door. Bleeding out paint all over the floor. Look into her eyes and I can see the past year stare back at me screaming don’t let this end. Look at yourself, look at what you are doing, look at where you have been. Don’t close those pads, don’t drop those pens. Leave those paint cans open, splatter those canvases again. Who are you to let this come to an end? You got us into this mess day after day. This is how we will be repaid? By killing the lifeline that brought you three-sixty-five. Turn your back on us and you are the one who will die…

iN THe WaY



12″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood

Something in the way. See you though the crap. Something in his face. Just give him a slap. Temptations can be the downfall or they could be the start. Everything starts somewhere. Something’s tugging on his heart. Feel it when the wind blows. See you through the storm. See your little kindnesses that will keep him warm. He knows what he should do. She knows she’s right for you. She’ll see you through the darkness and guide you to the light. He’ll give in to your heart. It won’t even be a fight.



20″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Woodcut

Stimulate Your Mind was carved back in the day. Found it again and gave it some paint. Gave it some paint and changed up the name. Stimulate Revamp, say it again. Stimulate Revamp may never get changed. Unless it gets bought, messed with in some way. I worked really hard with the tools that I used. I hope it’s enjoyed and never abused.









24″ x 48″ Mixed Media Sculpture


Would you miss the colors? Would it all just be gray? Would things look similar to today? Slowly strangling life, we’ve got to change our way. On a path of doom, listen to what she’s trying to say. Metal flowers can’t slip through cracks on sidewalks of our past. The time is now. The future is in your hands. We must slow down.

oN a PLaTTeR


10″ x 18″ Mixed Media Sculpture

Stars… out in space. Stars… in Mr. Yankee’s planetarium. Stars… of sports. Of movies. Used to guide ships. Used to teach. Used for entertainment. In Lucky Charms. In songs. To show achievement. To rate. As tattoos. As a Christmas tree topper. To shine. To twinkle. To light up this planet. We are all stars…

PLaCe FRuiT HeRe











Let me introduce you to Bowl.  So, I’m over at my mom’s house about to leave and she’s like oh hey, do you want this bowl for your project?  She pulls out this bowl that I had made back in college that I never finished.  It was just this raw thing waiting for new skin.  I was like sure, I’ll take that back and make it look a little nicer.  It can be part of the project.  This is Bowl.  Say hello…



8.5″ x 12″ Mixed Media on Wood


Sometimes when you go to Ikea you buy furniture or decorations.  Maybe something functional for the kitchen or office is what you need.  I needed none of the above.  I was actually there and didn’t need anything, but it’s Ikea and you don’t leave there empty handed.  I bought 400 straws and made this.  I still have more straws left over as you can see.  So, maybe another straw piece is looming in the future.

iT’S NeVeR DoNe


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Board

Tell me do you really know your brother man? Cause a heart speaks louder than a color can and why would you even shake a man’s hand if you’re not going to help him stand?
Jah work… Jah work… Jah work is never done…
Every man’s actions belong to he. If prepared for thereafter to each his destiny. Some people believe and some people know. Some people deceive and some people show.
Jah work… Jah work… Jah work is never done…
You must do the heaviest, so many shall do none. You have got to stand firm, so many shall run. Some they rest their head at night, some get no sleep at all. If you listen close to what you see you will hear the call.

Jah work… Jah work… Jah work is never done…  ~Ben Harper

FRoM aL To RaSTa


18″ x 24″ x 2″ Mixed Media on Wood

This is the nick-nack holder I bought at the Mansfield Flea Market.  The one that I used to help make Rasta Marbled.  It was just this old looking thing that someone was trying to get rid of.  Al, the guy I bought it from, was a very cool & laid back person.  He was having a good time selling goods and chatting people up.  He gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse and now his old nick-nack holder has a new image.  Thanks Al!



7″ x 15″ Mixed Media Sculpture


Art is the fatal net which catches these strange moments on the wing like mysterious butterflies, fleeing the innocence and distraction of common men. ~Giorgio de Chirico
All things truly wicked start from innocence. ~Ernest Hemingway

HeRe We Go Yo


7″ x 16″ Mixed Media on Wood

Flower Flow yo, Flower Flow yo.  So what so what so what’s the scenario.  Flower Flow yo, Flower Flow yo.  So what so what so what’s the scenario.  Aiyyo, mijumi knows this (what?) and mijumi knows that (what?).  mijumi don’t know jack, cause mijumi can’t rap.  Well whaddya know?  The Flower is first up to bat.  No batteries included and no strings attached.  Flow holds barred, no time for move fakin’. Gots to get the loot so I can make some more paintin’.  Others front, they say the Flower can’t Flow.  But mijumi’s been known to do the impossible like Tim Tebow so…  ~ mijumi version of Tribe Called Quest

TuBeS & PaiNT






24″ x 24″ Mixed Media Sculpture


This one was a little experiment with the cardboard tubes and paint.  I wanted to see how the tubes would stick and if the paint was going to seep through the cracks at all.  Yes and no.  So, now that I know, I can make another one and get crazier with the paints.  I’m startin’ to like these sculpture/paint pieces.







Mixed Media Sculpture

Blank canvas – check.  Paint – check.  Cardboard tubes – check.  Dip tube into paint and apply – che… NOT THIS TIME.  I wanted to make a wave painting again, but I wanted it to be different this time.  I wanted the wave to look like it was building up.  But I didn’t want it to just be paint this time.  So, I cut the tubes and put them down in a way to make it look like the wave was coming.  Then I did the paint work.  This is my first sculpture in this year long project so you have to give me a little break.

a FeW MoRe NaiLS






18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Wood

Yes, there are really no curves.  Well there are, but none of the materials used are curved.  Each strand of hemp is brought from point A to point B to create the illusion of curved lines.  I believe I was taught this design in an elementary school art class, but it was done on paper then.  I wanted to bring the design to life in a more physical way.