Mixed Media on Plaster Sculpture

Wrapped up in fluid, flesh and skin… you grew. Tracking your size… a pea, a plum, a fist, a football. I’ll never forget the day that present was opened. The cry of life you shouted into the world. The doctor… Oh my God she has a lot of hair! The tears running down your mother’s cheeks. The experience of love at first site. I didn’t know that was real. The feeling of shedding all selfishness from my being. The knowledge of danger… the day I walked out of the hospital I realized how scary the world we live in is. I realized how precious life really is. Yes, anyone can create life, but there is no doubt it is a miracle… every… single… time. If you don’t believe in a higher power after seeing your child for the first time… you should get your soul checked. She is life. She is beauty. She is love. You are love little girl. You are love. You… are love.