i LoVe… You


12″ x 12″  Mixed Media on Board


I love you in the morning when you wake me up so early… sun. I love you when I’m tired and the day has not begun… coffee. I love you when you’re blue and feel so far away… sky. I love you when I’m searching or seeing something new… eyes. I love you when your crazy and crashing into me… ocean. I love you when we’re dancing and moving all around… motion. I love you yesterday, now and tomorrow… life. I love you more than anything that’s ever come my way… wife. I Love… You.

FoR You



12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Omega Bond


Give you my heart, my soul and everything I am. Every line, every dot, every drop of paint from the can. Let you in, try to give you a little piece of me. Bare my soul in my work hoping you can see. Loving the response, the likes and checking them everyday. Your feedback, your words and what you have to say. Filling your home with my emotions on your walls. Someday to be passed down to hang in your kid’s halls. This project has grown into more than just mine. For you or a friend there has become something to find. To come back to… To enjoy… To take with you… To give to someone else… To love. Thank you…