16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Wood


Three little words. I, love and you. Make someone’s day with I love you. Change someone’s life with I love you. Shape the course of history with I love you. I love you in the morning and when the night time comes. I love you in the moonlight and under the sun. I love you all of the time, so much it makes me weak. I love you… I love you, it’s so plain to see. I love, I love you.

i LoVe… You


12″ x 12″  Mixed Media on Board


I love you in the morning when you wake me up so early… sun. I love you when I’m tired and the day has not begun… coffee. I love you when you’re blue and feel so far away… sky. I love you when I’m searching or seeing something new… eyes. I love you when your crazy and crashing into me… ocean. I love you when we’re dancing and moving all around… motion. I love you yesterday, now and tomorrow… life. I love you more than anything that’s ever come my way… wife. I Love… You.

FouR YeaRS


24″ x 48″ Mixed Media on Wood


I remember when I felt it. BOOM! It hit me so hard right upside my head. I never saw someone so beautiful. I never knew that feeling existed. After a while of getting to know her more I felt it again. BOOM! This time it was stronger. This time it hit harder. This time it meant more than what I had seen on the surface. The effects of it have been rippling through time ever since. Over smooth surfaces and over rocks. Over the moon, around the sun and back. It has weathered storms. It has grown through the worst of times. It has flourished through the best of them. BOOM! Can you see it? BOOM! Can you feel it? BOOM! It has been well over four years in the making, but today I celebrate these past four with her. I love you Nicole… with a BOOM!