12″ x 13″ Mixed Media on Canvas


If you want this you are going to have to take it. You cannot sit back in the shadows with your arms folded and just hope you’re going to make it. There’s a world of ideas out there waiting to be grabbed. Step out of line, get your head straight and grab your bags. Fill it up to overflow, grab the good ones and don’t let go. 50,001 thoughts every single day pass through my brain like the raindrops coming down. They bring me to my knees and have me pounding on the ground. I cannot take the voices, I can’t listen to the sounds. It’s getting closer to the end and it’s coming back around. More thoughts, more ideas, more art is flowing now. My world to create… my world for the taking. Welcome to a world of ideas… these are… the ones… I’m making.

SoMeTiMeS i SiT







36″ x 60″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Sometimes I sit under the moon and think we must be here for a reason. Another year passes and we change with the seasons. Try not to mistake these signs for chance. Try to follow the rhythms of their dance. Don’t get frustrated by the same old routine. Read between the lines and find out what they mean. Your future could be looking right into your eyes. Don’t get too mixed up and make yourself go blind. These things have been written, they are part of your path. Brush off all the people that sit back and laugh. They know not what to do with this opportunity. They missed all the signs, they just don’t see. Take this world, take it in your hands. Take this world and fill it with your plans. You are they one that holds the key. Only you can unlock your destiny.

WHaT i’Ve SeeN


8″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Close my eyes see the holes in the sky. Close my eyes and wonder why. Close my eyes to remember your face. You are missed, I was crushed when you left this place. Ten years in life never seemed so fast. Ten minutes in the end seemed to last and last. Close my eyes wish I could have done more. Wonder everyday what you had to go for. Gave you my breath, but it just wouldn’t take. Pounded on your chest, but you just wouldn’t wake. Look up at night see the holes in the sky. Close my eyes and I wonder why. Close my eyes hope all is okay. Close my eyes… know we’ll meet again… someday.



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Do you think we’re the only ones out here?  Is there life out in this universe other than on Earth?  Are the Mayans right?  Who will save us?  Is there a parallel universe where anything you dream can happen?  Would you want to go there?  If you could meet the you from another planet would you want to?  What if you didn’t like the you you met?  Do you think heaven is real?  Is it out there in the space?  Do you think we get to come back?  Would you do it over the same way?  Do you like the you that you have become?



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Canvas

If me want, me no really crave. Can’t want. Because where me grow, me know everything you could want. Stones was my toys and trees and bush and flowers. They were my toys. So I don’t grow up and want things. Is millions of stones used to be around me, and me used to go play amongst the flowers and them, and play as a little youth; and so me grow up loving the hills more than the things of want. Because want is just the things you want that people make; so I really want nothing.  ~Bob Marley

LiFe DaY 6


36″ x 48″ Mixed Media on Canvas



We grow.  We learn.  We evolve.  Our surroundings build us up.  People influence us from every direction.  Maybe one day in the art museum with mom and dad a three year old child sees a painting and is captivated by it.  The child doesn’t know it at the time, but that painting will affect the course of the rest of their life.  He/she just has this love for art that is rooted deep inside.  They need to paint.  To create.  To express.  The world needs to see it.  They have to have it and no one really knows why, but they know something good when they see it.  It must be theirs.  It must be…

LiFe DaY 4


16″ x 22″ Mixed Media on Canvas



Some of us just float around in this world like a bunch of jelly fish in the ocean.  Going with the flow.  Following the currents.  Staying current in a world that is forever changing around us.  Until one day when something stumbles upon us.  It bumps into us.  Crashes.  Disturbs.  BZZZZ.  Bring a sting that no one will forget.  A sting, a poem, a verse, a painting, a picture, a song, an idea, a dream, a revolution… a…  Time to stop floating… Don’t be forgotten…

LiFe DaY 2


16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas



I bought a throw back box of LIFE cereal for this one.  That’s right, they made a box with the old LIFE logo font, a throw back.  Anyways, let me try and get a little philosophical.  This painting represents human life.  It’s like looking down onto the sidewalk from a skyscraper at a crosswalk in Tokyo.  Life is moving all around, faster than you know it can.  You see all kinds of life scrambling about.  Maybe you notice… okay that’s enough.  It’s just a painting… what you take from it is up to you.



22″ x 28″ Mixed Media on Canvas



They have to be out there somewhere, who ever they are.  I should know.  I was just about finished with this painting and woke up the next day to find these lime green markings on it.  I know I locked up the studio the night before.  What are they trying to say?  Is this their way of communicating?



16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


What if rain drops were square instead of round?  Would they fall and collapse the way that they do now?  Would the oceans, rivers and puddles still look the same?  What kind of cup would you drink from?  Would you need a new kind of windshield wipers?  Would we all need to buy a different kind of umbrella?

oNe LuCKy WiNNeR


16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas



There’s a battle going on.  Millions of soldiers march with fury in the pursuit of one goal.  Many will die along the way and only one will be strong enough to get beyond the outer walls of the fort.  Good luck brave soldiers.  Fight hard, be strong and remember… this is for the greater good of the world.







24″ x 48″ Mixed Media on Canvas

I’m beginning to believe I am obsessed with circles.  Have I said that before?  They are the perfect shape though, aren’t they?  They’re continuous and never ending.  Maybe that is why I use them so often.  I would like my work to be that way.

FLyiN’ By


16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas



The fly.  The jelly.  The Jelly Fly.  Is it a creature?  Is it a new dance?  I think it’s a band.  Yeah, a friend of a friend say he saw them and they were pretty good.  Naw man, I recon tha Jelly Fly is a new lure dat’s out right ’bout now fo’ fishin’.  I thought it was a brand of hair gel.  I guess I could be wrong.

HeY GiRLie


12″ x 12″ Aerosol on Canvas



You’re so pretty with your all pink clothes ‘n’ your all pink car.  I hope the purple feathers in your hair get you real far.  ‘N’ that your tiny little doggie in your big pink bag, a purple bow in its hair in the photo you tagged.  But don’t get me wrong, I like purples and pink.  It’s just stereo types about colors that make me think.  Are the colors that she wears what bothers me?  Or is it that the media has to let us all see?



16″ x 20″ Aerosol on Canvas



Lots of people flock to the beach to watch the sunset.  I think I’d rather watch it arrive.  It brings the light of a new day filled with something different to us.  I love the morning rays peeking through the window and watching the dust particles that dance on them. There is no doubt I could spend everyday out in the sun.  It’s almost summer and soon we’ll get to spend more time together.