SoMeTiMeS i SiT







36″ x 60″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Sometimes I sit under the moon and think we must be here for a reason. Another year passes and we change with the seasons. Try not to mistake these signs for chance. Try to follow the rhythms of their dance. Don’tĀ get frustrated by the same old routine. Read between the lines and find out what they mean. Your future could be looking right into your eyes. Don’t get too mixed up and make yourself go blind. These things have been written, they are part of your path. Brush off all the peopleĀ that sit back and laugh. They know not what to do with this opportunity. They missed all the signs, they just don’t see. Take this world, take it in your hands. Take this world and fill it with your plans. You are they one that holds the key. Only you can unlock your destiny.

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