CaN’T BeLieVe


18″ x 30″ Mixed Media on Wood


Pulled up with a sense of urgency. Making the situation feel like an emergency.  But what I couldn’t see wasn’t hurting me. You telling me is actually you acting selfishly. Cuz if I didn’t know ‘n’ kept living normally. I’d still love you ‘n’ you’d still be coming home to me. But now I see thru the fields of your misery. I know that you ‘n’ me were never meant to be. Now I’m free to be who I am supposed to be. But the memory of you keeps on haunting me. Don’t know if this kind of freedom is the kind I thought I’d need. Can’t believe that you’re the one who did this to me. Can’t believe the color that my heart can bleed. Can’t believe we won’t be creating memories. Can’t believe… can’t believe you…



10″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood


A darkness in your beauty. An innocence to your thoughts. Your heart taken for granted. For you it wasn’t just for fun. It wasn’t just a night in life. Meaning was there in the corner of your mind. Your heart fluttering as he walked out the door. Would it have been the same if you knew he was never coming back? Would you have given him another chance? Forgiven in your heart… he is sorry.



16″ x 20″ Mixed Media on Canvas


Ratsa all dance to de positive vibe. Bangin’ on de drum feel de beat feel alive. Roll a little something ‘n’ pass it to ya friend. Pull it up from de ground, get it out de garden. Only put inna de body de food dat mek ’em feel good. Treat it like a temple, like ya know ya should. Be a good man to ya bredren, to ya sistren, to everyone dat ya see. Cuz ya know dat we all part of de same family. Give thanks, give praises up to de Most High. In de name of de father Haile Selassi I.



10″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Wood


(Birch) Sisters get respect, birches get what they deserve. Sisters work hard, birches work your nerves. Sisters hold you down, birches hold you up. Sisters help you progress, birches will slow you up. Sisters cook up a meal, play their role with the kids. Birches in street with their nose in your biz. Sisters tell the truth, birches tell lies. Sisters drive cars, birches wanna ride. Sisters give-up the a**, birches give-up the a**. Sisters do it slow, birches do it fast. Sisters do their dirt outside of where they live. Birches have ni**as all up in your crib. Sisters tell you quick “you better check your homie”. Birches don’t give a f**k, they wanna check for your homie. Sisters love Jay cuz they know how ‘Hov is. I love my sisters, I don’t love no birch.  Bi(r)ches & Sisters ~ JAY Z

WHaT iS iT?


11″ x 13″ Mixed Media on Wood


What are you guys looking at? Oh boy, I never thought I’d see one of those in person. Is it for real? Where did it come from? How did it get here? I have no clue, but it’s here. What should we do with it? What are you supposed to do with it? I’m not really sure, I’ve never used one before. Should we call someone? No, don’t call anyone. No one else should know about this. Oh boy, I don’t know. I don’t know if I can handle this. I gotta go…



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Acrylic


Do we really have freedom? Are we just free to be dumb? Gasoline, mortgages and phone bills are the new shackles around our feet. Do we really have freedom? We need passports to cross invisible lines on land. We need to be sick to smoke the medicine provided by a plant. Do we really have freedom? It’s still not legal for two people who are deeply, truly, madly in love to get married in certain states. People are still not getting paid what they deserve cause the color of their face. Is this what freedom is? We are trapped by our bills, our jobs, our fears. You are free to be dumb. Emancipate yourselves from material and mental slavery. Only then will you truly be free…

LeT ‘eM BuRN


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on PVC


I respect everyone’s right to vote, but… Our system is… a joke. If I could I would let all the ballots burn. Another election day is just another turn. For us to “vote” on the words of promises to be broken. For us to buy into a system that is broken. For us to feel like our checked box matters only to have everything remain the same or get worse or get shattered. Broken. Presidents are just puppets of the system who stand in front of the cameras and deliver the bad news that congress still can’t get its sh*t together. Broken. Cast your vote for the lesser of two evils. Cast your vote for a housing market crashed. Cast your vote to support the rich. Cast your vote for the pursuit…the pursuit… the pursuit of happiness. Cast your vote for change. What change? Nothing changes when we “vote”. If these two candidates had donated the money spent on attack adds to the people instead of bashing each other to Tuesday, we’d probably be in better shape than we are in now and will be once the “votes” are counted. The system is broken. I respect the right to “vote”, but until every vote really counts… you can count me out.



24″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Metal


Look around you, are you happy with what you have? Are the things you’ve bought enough to make you not sad? Do you ever find yourself down and feeling lost? Go spend a little cash, doesn’t matter what it costs? Can the diamond ring on your finger with the shine replace the person who died digging it out from the mine? Are you happy? Does your fancy car with the leather seats and the heat make you forget about the people with no shoes on their feet? Are you happy? I hope your family and your friends are all you really need. I hope you value the water you drink and the air that you breath. I hope the love that’s all around gives you its embrace. I hope when you walk by there’s a smile on your face. Be happy…



18″ x 30″ Mixed Media on Board


See you dancin’, wave your arms. Hair is flowin’ in the sun. Flyin’ free, you are so there. See you dancin’ free of care. See you singin’, shoutin’ out. Words are flowin’, makin’ sounds. Singin’ free you are so there. See you singin’ free of care. Festival people you are so free. Dancin’ and singin’ like you want to be. Free of care. Free of care. Dancin’. Singin’. You are so there…



18″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Board


She has been here longer than anyone can guess. Science thinks it knows and religion does its best. Seasons change, cycles come and go. It gets hotter, it gets colder, burned by the sun, buried by the snow. Are we the cause of all the mess? Or are we just a side effect? Have we been here years before? Are we holding on or just letting go? We can’t kill her, she is powerful, she is strong. She fights back and lets us know when we are doing wrong. Heats you up and beats you up and sends another storm. Shuts your power off when you are trying to stay warm. Treat her good, she’ll reciprocate the goodness back to you. Treat her wrong, feel her wrath, the worst will come for you.



24″ x 36″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


City girl, you so pretty girl. Love the way the wind takes your hair to swirl. Love the way you look at me and say. I’m in love with you and I’m here to stay. City girl, you so pretty girl. I wanna be with you through the day and night. I wanna hold your body right next to mine. I wanna do this thing till the end of time. City girl, you so pretty girl. Love the way you look into my eyes. Love the way your heartbeat makes me sigh. I wanna love you girl say that you’ll be mine. City girl… you so pretty.


Go DaNCe


24″ x 36″ Mixed Media on Board

When it’s all said and done we are dust in the sun. Live life to the fullest, make sure you have some fun. Be good to the people as you make your way. Never know when you’ll be in need of help some day. Go dance in the sun like dust in the rays. Never know when you’ll be gone someday. Take advantage of right now cause it’s all that we’ve got. Go dance in the sun while the sun is still hot.

aLL FoR iT


11″ x 13″ Mixed Media on Wood


All for peace, but only with love. Won’t get peace dropping bombs from above. It will not happen if in God’s name you kill. Stab a man, shoot a man, it’s your brother’s blood you spill. Peace isn’t something you can fight for. Peace isn’t something found by winning in war. Peace is found by the love from within. Love your brothers and your sisters and we all win. Peace is there to share in a song. Grab your friends hands and we’ll all sing along. All for peace, but only with love. Put your guns down and give someone a hug. Stop the fussin’ and fightin’ and give it all a rest. When peace is found through love it’s at its very best. All for peace, but only with love. FoR PeaCe WiTH LoVe!!!




18″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Board


Whispers of you in the breeze. Coolness of your presence on my skin. Salt in the air by the beach. Never seen, but you are there. Carry me away to where the breeze is warm. Pushing waves into sand into words.  Let me smell and taste the salt of your air. Eyes wide open blind to your stare. Never seen, but you are there.





18″ Mixed Media on Wood


Deep breaths struggle to mask panic dancing nerve endings. They just keep firing and firing. Breathe in… breathe out. Would it feel the same if she didn’t know what he was like? If she didn’t know what it could be like? Breathe in… She is going blind. Has it all, but looks for more. Going blind anticipating what’s in store, the possibilities. So tense it hurts her skin. Breathe out… Searching to find the stomach pains of the best kind. Ones that let you know you’re in love. Ones that make you feel hungry even though you just ate. Breathe in… But maybe there is something to the way things are. Breathe out… Maybe she doesn’t want the pains of love to ever go away. Breathe in… Maybe she’ll sit on this feeling because not knowing, the possibilities are endless. Breathe out…