CaN’T BeLieVe


18″ x 30″ Mixed Media on Wood


Pulled up with a sense of urgency. Making the situation feel like an emergency.  But what I couldn’t see wasn’t hurting me. You telling me is actually you acting selfishly. Cuz if I didn’t know ‘n’ kept living normally. I’d still love you ‘n’ you’d still be coming home to me. But now I see thru the fields of your misery. I know that you ‘n’ me were never meant to be. Now I’m free to be who I am supposed to be. But the memory of you keeps on haunting me. Don’t know if this kind of freedom is the kind I thought I’d need. Can’t believe that you’re the one who did this to me. Can’t believe the color that my heart can bleed. Can’t believe we won’t be creating memories. Can’t believe… can’t believe you…