24″ x 36″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


City girl, you so pretty girl. Love the way the wind takes your hair to swirl. Love the way you look at me and say. I’m in love with you and I’m here to stay. City girl, you so pretty girl. I wanna be with you through the day and night. I wanna hold your body right next to mine. I wanna do this thing till the end of time. City girl, you so pretty girl. Love the way you look into my eyes. Love the way your heartbeat makes me sigh. I wanna love you girl say that you’ll be mine. City girl… you so pretty.


GiVe iT


18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


Give it to the one you love. Give it to a friend. Give it to someone in need. Give it till the end. Give it to your brothers and sisters too. Give it to the people who won’t give it back to you. Love is all we need. Love will set us free. Love is what I’ll give you. Please give it back to me.

iN My aRMS


18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


I will hold you, I will will never let you go. I will hold you, tighter than you know. I will hold you, look deep into your eyes. I will hold you, to sooth you when you cry. I will drop all expectations to help you reach your dreams. I will hold your hand when life feels harder than it seems. I will listen to every word you have to say. I will be there to guide you, but not get in your way. I will hold you, I will love you. I will hold you forever in my heart. I will hold you so so so tight. I cannot wait… to start.

VeRSe oNe


18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


Been liking the writing that comes out with the art. Never planned on this happening from the very start. These words just keep coming from somewhere in my mind. They cannot get lost in there or left behind. I love this world that is happening. I love not having all the answers. I love to write these verses. Love is all that matters. This project is on a road that will end. Through it I’ll have made some art and friends. Trying to give the gift of my gift. Trying to lift the ones that have slipped. Know that I’ve got a long way to go. This is verse one of so many more…

HiM NoTTa RaSTa?


18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


Him look skinny bro. Is him eatin’ enough? Him look shaggy too. Why him lettin’ da beard a-grow? Him a rasta mon, is him now? Rollin’ ina de herb fields pickin’ ganja out. Sing a reggae song ‘n’ hum de tune. From when-a de sun come up till him see de moon. Beat of de drum make-a him move him feet. Sun, it be shinin’ ‘n’ de weather is sweet. Him locks be-a blowing ina de wind. ‘N” him singin’, him sing it ‘n’ bring it again.



18″ x 24″ Mixed Oak Tag

Memories of yesterdays past remind me of how much fun we had roughing up, beating up and growing up together.  No matter how many punches were thrown, names were called or fights were won and lost… we were brothers… are brothers.  The blood runs deep and we share this common bond that no one else in the world has.  I’d give up my life for either one of you and I feel you’d both do the same.  I love you brother(s).



18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


Ever feel like you’ll be in traffic so long you’ll end up sleeping in your car for the night? Think about this the next time you’re stuck in traffic. What a waste…

The Texas Transportation Institute estimated that, in 2000, the 75 largest metropolitan areas experienced 3.6 billion vehicle-hours of delay, resulting in 5.7 billion U.S. gallons (21.6 billion liters) in wasted fuel and $67.5 billion in lost productivity, or about 0.7% of the nation’s GDP. It also estimated that the annual cost of congestion for each driver was approximately $1,000 in very large cities and $200 in small cities. Traffic congestion is increasing in major cities and delays are becoming more frequent in smaller cities and rural areas.

By late 2010, the five cities in the United States with the worst rush hour traffic congestion were New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles  ~New York Times. 2010-11-24