16″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood

Letting go is the hardest thing you’ll ever do when you’re torn apart with a breaking heart. Fears trickle in to spaces of your mind you’ve never used for thinking. Moments of time replayed on the backs of eyelids blinking. Every picture, every show, every song is a reminder of a reminder of a reminder of what used to be us. Sitting on the shower floor is just… the only thing that makes sense. Tears get pushed down cheeks, lips and drains. Hearts bleed the pain of every emotion becoming detached from every memory that you don’t want to let go of. You are unchained.

oVeR aND oVeR


12″ x 12″ Mixed Media on Board


In a cage under heavy protection you beat. Over and over again. With the pain of my thoughts you beat. Over and over again. With the fear behind my smiles you beat. With the excitement of my anticipations. With the happiness of my love you beat. In my cage… in my skin. Over and over again. Playing the internal baseline of my life. Taking on all emotion with no worries. You are the only one I’ve got and I wouldn’t trade you for another.

GiVe iT


18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Oak Tag


Give it to the one you love. Give it to a friend. Give it to someone in need. Give it till the end. Give it to your brothers and sisters too. Give it to the people who won’t give it back to you. Love is all we need. Love will set us free. Love is what I’ll give you. Please give it back to me.