18″ Mixed Media on Wood


Deep breaths struggle to mask panic dancing nerve endings. They just keep firing and firing. Breathe in… breathe out. Would it feel the same if she didn’t know what he was like? If she didn’t know what it could be like? Breathe in… She is going blind. Has it all, but looks for more. Going blind anticipating what’s in store, the possibilities. So tense it hurts her skin. Breathe out… Searching to find the stomach pains of the best kind. Ones that let you know you’re in love. Ones that make you feel hungry even though you just ate. Breathe in… But maybe there is something to the way things are. Breathe out… Maybe she doesn’t want the pains of love to ever go away. Breathe in… Maybe she’ll sit on this feeling because not knowing, the possibilities are endless. Breathe out…