11″ x 15″ Sharpie on Watercolor Paper


A simple hi and a smile just walked on by. He fell in love for the eleventh time, that day. But she was, is, the one. People watching in the city can give you a sore neck. Sore eyes. A sore heart. He saw their whole life together flash before his eyes by the time she got to the end of the block. Then like life, she was gone. If he only… What if he… But she might have… There might not ever be another chance. Go, the worst that can happen is… nothing. Doing nothing is the worst that could happen. A simple hi, could change the rest of your life.

aLL We NeeD


8.5″ x 11″ Sharpie on Cardboard


All we need is love and love is all we need. Kiss me tonight like I won’t wake up from sleep. Kiss me tonight like you don’t want me to leave. Kiss me tonight like I’m never going to breathe. All we need is love and love is all we need. Walk with me forever like there’s no one on the street. Walk with me into the future like no one else exists. Walk with me forever our hands together as one fist. All we need is love and love is all we need. See me in your arms and hold me in your dreams. See me in your dreams turned to something true. See me in your forevers and I’ll do the same for you.



11″ x 15″ Marker on Watercolor Paper


They say new life makes losing life easier to understand. I like to think that new life is a continuation of a previous one. I feel like the second a person passes on that they are being born again somewhere else in the world. The white light at the end of life is the white light we see in the start of a new one. Maybe that’s why we don’t know much about dying or remember being born. Maybe that’s why we make certain connections with people. They are someone we knew before, but we just don’t know where or when we knew them. So yeah, maybe new life does make losing life easier to understand. Or maybe it just makes it even more confusing…



11″ x 15″ Marker on Watercolor Paper


Shine on brightness of days to come. You are the sun on the new horizon of my life. Thoughts of me evaporate into thoughts of you. New reasons to exist light my passion. Feelings taken over by feelings in a continuous loop. Your face in my dreams is beautiful. Your heart in my hands is to love. Your soul on this earth is to die for.

TeaRS oF LiFe


11″ x 15″ Prismacolor & Sharpie on Watercolor Paper


Tears of happiness, love, joy.  I cry for you, for life.  Tears of pain, sorrow, fear.  I cry for you, for life.  When the positive vibes get me.  I cry for the world, for life.  When the negativity surrounds.  I cry for the world, for life.  Don’t worry it will all be okay.  Don’t worry it will all make sense.  When I cry…

PuT ‘eM uP



11″ x 15″ Sharpies on Watercolor paper


Passin’ by, don’t just say hi. Throw one up and give me five.  If you’re with me, if you care.  Look alive, don’t just stare.  We are here, here as one.  Lets be free, lets have some fun.  Put ’em up, up in the sky.  Put ’em up and let ’em fly.  You know you’re right.  You can’t be wrong.  If you’re with me sing along.  If you’re with me sing this song.  Sing it loud and sing it strong.



11″ x 15″ Prismacolor & Sharpie on Watercolor paper


When is the last time you put your hands in the soil?  When is the last time you felt like part of this Earth?  Don’t get disconnected from your mother.  Don’t forget what life is worth.  Planted here for a purpose.  Planted here to grow.  Planted here to be a part of something bigger than you know.  If it were all just so easy.  If you didn’t need to try.  Would you still make an effort before you died?  Put your hands in the soil and become one with the Earth.  Plant seeds today and make the most of their worth.




11″ x 15″ Sharpie & Prismacolor on Watercolor Paper


Gaze upon me now
A desperate soul for all time
Bound forever to this barren land… desolate
My spirit has been pierced
So crucify if you must
But just recall it’s in your creed
Not to judge
Crucify me, I am the pierced spirit
Crucify me, for I know that you must
You must   ~The Pierced Spirit, Iced Earth

oVeR THe MooN



11″ x 15″ Sharpies on Watercolor Paper


She kept trying and trying and every single day was a hurdle.  Some days were good and others were not so good, but it didn’t stop her.  Anything that was thrown across her path she felt like she could handle.  She knew that with each challenge met there would only be strength to gain.  Then one day it all got a little bit easier.  One day she was set free.  One day she grew wings and she learned how to fly.  One day…

No FooD iN BeD


10″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Paper


Our friend Joe was back home from London, England for a bit and came over to visit.  I was working on the project as usual and thought I’d get him in on it.  I did a little version of the Rorschach test on him, but only for this one image.  “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this?”  Burnt Toast in Bed was born.  Do you see what Joe sees or is there some other image in your mind?

MaKe WaY


11″ x 15″ Pen & Marker on Watercolor Paper


Now I see his face. I’ve seen him smile. Such in a lonely place. No golden mile, his eyes tell morbid tales of his black heart. His deeds through ages past tell of his part.
See his face, see his smile Time to die
An angel from below change my dreams. I want for glory’s hour, for wealth’s esteem. I wish to sell my soul. To be reborn. I wish for earthly riches, don’t want no crown of thorns.
See his face, see his smile Time to die
I was born a fool. Don’t want to stay that way. Devil take my soul with diamonds you repay. I don’t care for Heaven. Don’t you look for me to cry and I will burn in Hell from the day I die.
See his face, see his smile Time to die  ~Metallica



11″ x 15″ Marker & Pen on Paper


What would you do if there were portals that would let you travel back in time?  Would you go back and win the lottery?  Would you make sure you got all A’s in school?  Maybe re-live a moment in time a little bit differently?  Or maybe not use the portals at all?  Maybe everything that is happening now is happening for a reason and it doesn’t need to be changed.  Maybe this was written?  Maybe…


FeeLiN’ FiNe


11″ x 15″ Pen & Primacolors on Watercolor Paper



The name of this piece is brought to you by my co-worker/friend Seth.  I was scanning it when he came over and that was the first thing that came to his head when he saw it.  So, What A Dandy it is.  Hope today is a dandy for everyone else as well.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

aNoTHeR WaVe


11″ x 15″ Pen & Primacolors on Watercolor Paper



“…there was purity and there was the dream, and the adventure, and there was the counterculture aspect. It was like shove society, shove the nine to five, shove the rules… we’re just going to follow our hearts, treat each other well, eat well and enjoy the ocean. It was not for money and it wasn’t for fame… that’s what we’re gonna do… purely because that’s what our hearts want to do. That was amazing.”  -Jim Banks (quote from the Switch-foot book)

LiFe DaY 1


11″ x 15″ Pen & Prismacolor on Watercolor Paper



We only get one while we’re here and we can’t even remember most of the beginning parts.  What was I thinking about when I was in those first few years?  How were all of these things around me shaping the person I am today?  There are such high hopes for you when you are brand new.  Did my mother know that when she gave me a piece of paper and a box of crayons that it would turn into this?