11″ x 20″ Marker on Print


This is [not] my War[hol] art. I’m not the one who took the photo or wrote the text in black print. I pulled this page from a book called Hippie. But in what some might consider Warhol fashion, I made this. I drew the lines over the face that is Warhol. I circled the specific words in the text to create new sentences. I added the style, colors and the new message that this page now has. Warhol took a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup and made it a famous piece of art. I took Warhol and made him a part of my 365 days of art.  Thanks for the inspiration Andy.

BeauTy uNSeeN

BELLY  Photographs

Beauty unseen, unseen beauty. I wish you knew what you were doing to me. Time has never gone by so fast and taken forever in the same moment. Visions of you plastered in the minds of people you don’t even know yet. I hope she has his hair. I hope she has her eyes. I just hope that she comes out and everything is fine. Getting so close, counting down the days. Can’t wait to hold you, can’t wait to say… this is my little girl… she’s beautiful.

WHaT iT iS





Hey what’s up?  I haven’t seen ya in a while.  Yeah, I know I’ve been busy taking pictures.  Pictures?  Yeah pictures.  Do they even like pictures?  I don’t know.  I think they’re more into the handmade stuff, stuff I’ve created ya know.  Paintings ‘n’ drawings ‘n’ stuff like that?  Yeah.  Well why don’t ya give ’em what they want?  I will, I just got one more photo from the Tybee Island trip to post tomorrow.  Okay, I’ll be looking for the good stuff next week.  Don’t worry, I’ve got a few pieces that I think will touch some souls.  Wow, that’s deep, do you think I look good in gold?

TaKeN oVeR





Good bye green, it was nice to know ya.  Good bye green, I wish I could have told ya.  Good bye green, we’ll meet again someday.  Good bye green, now go on your way.  You had everything in the palm of your hand.  You left it all for the sun and the sand.  Now the memory of you is fading away.  Oh how I wish, how I wish you stayed.  What you had in you just wasn’t enough.  Now the green that was there is turning to rust.  Good bye green…






Hey buddy!  Get me outta here!  What the… who said that?  Hey man!  Can ya help me out?  Okay, who is talking and where are you?  Down here!  I thought I was dreaming.  We were walking around in Savannah and I heard this voice.  I couldn’t be, could it?  In the wall?  A cry for help to be set free.  The wall goblin called out to me.  What did he do to get in there?  What would he do if he got out?  I left him there in the wall.  I think the world is a safer place that way.






They waited. They were the lookout crew and they waited. They were to make sure that there were no interferences and they waited. Some other boats came around, but nothing serious. They were doing their part and would be paid handsomely when their mates brought up the treasure. So they waited and waited and waited…






I am fascinated with worn out paint and rusting metal. I find the colors and textures that are left behind over time to be so beautiful. One time I spent the day walking around Hartford taking these kinds of pictures. So, when we were down in Tybee, GA it was only natural that I found the bottoms of these boats to be just the shot I was searching for that day.



9″ x 12″ Digital Image



Walk by my side, not ahead, not behind.  Stand in love with me forever and I promise I’ll do the same.  We were brought together by the universe for a reason.  With fires lit to brighten each other’s paths.  You are the one I’ve found in the past, have found in this present and will find again in the future.  Our life cycles will always meet and our love will live forever.  We will create the most beautiful fire that time has ever known.



18″ x 24″ Digital Image on Metal



If you ‘ve ever been to Maui, HI and been on The Road to Hana, you know about all of its twists and turns.  That road can give you car sickness if you’re on it for too long.  Fortunately for us we stopped along the way and picked up some lunch and snacks.  Fortunately for the “young coconuts” we spared them their lives so they could at least try to grow into adults.



8.5″ x 11″ Pen on Paper & Digital Image


I did’t know who she was or where she was from.  I couldn’t tell if those were henna designs or tattoos on here skin.  Maybe I was just dreaming.  Maybe there was never anyone there.  But I know I’ve seen you somewhere before.  Maybe just not in this life.