WHaT iT iS





Hey what’s up?  I haven’t seen ya in a while.  Yeah, I know I’ve been busy taking pictures.  Pictures?  Yeah pictures.  Do they even like pictures?  I don’t know.  I think they’re more into the handmade stuff, stuff I’ve created ya know.  Paintings ‘n’ drawings ‘n’ stuff like that?  Yeah.  Well why don’t ya give ’em what they want?  I will, I just got one more photo from the Tybee Island trip to post tomorrow.  Okay, I’ll be looking for the good stuff next week.  Don’t worry, I’ve got a few pieces that I think will touch some souls.  Wow, that’s deep, do you think I look good in gold?






Hey buddy!  Get me outta here!  What the… who said that?  Hey man!  Can ya help me out?  Okay, who is talking and where are you?  Down here!  I thought I was dreaming.  We were walking around in Savannah and I heard this voice.  I couldn’t be, could it?  In the wall?  A cry for help to be set free.  The wall goblin called out to me.  What did he do to get in there?  What would he do if he got out?  I left him there in the wall.  I think the world is a safer place that way.






I am fascinated with worn out paint and rusting metal. I find the colors and textures that are left behind over time to be so beautiful. One time I spent the day walking around Hartford taking these kinds of pictures. So, when we were down in Tybee, GA it was only natural that I found the bottoms of these boats to be just the shot I was searching for that day.