GoTTa GeT aWaY


12″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Wood


Gotta break free, gotta get away, gotta separate. News, media, violence on TV, too much hate. Kill in the name of your god and say that it’s fine. Car bomb, school shooting, what will it be next time? Two people in love can’t get married cause they are gay. Who are we to judge love and say what’s okay? Social media everyday all up in your face. No really thanks I don’t care what you ate today. Soldiers sent to protect this land for the government. Come back home, one less leg, on unemployment. Politician grants a favor looking in your eyes. Turn around take your money, spend it on his lies. Is this really what is meant by being civilized? If it is, then… you can count me out… No one hears our cries… Separate.