16″ x 20″ Markers & Paint Pens on Canvas


Last night I was racing down the highway trying to get away from a bunch of teenagers that were throwing eggs at my car. I was going as fast as I could, but a hybrid is really no match for a Mustang. I got in front of them and the driver lost control. Light, dark, light, dark, light was the last thing I remembered before the crash. Three bodies sprawled out on the pavement in a red sea. I put a flower in one of their shirts. I drizzled honey in another’s wounds. And rested my head on the third’s chest and said,”there is no way you can like this on Facebook”. I counted to four, pulled out a brown marker and wrote “put it in the oven” across each of their foreheads. Then… I woke up! Man my dreams are gettin’ weird.

LiKe a CHiLD


16″ x 20″ Marker & Paint Pens on Canvas


Go back. Back to, when I was two and drew too. Not too much to do. The essence of my being is being able to… draw. I would draw and draw and draw the things that I saw. A stick figure person or a finger print tree, a boat, an apple… a bee. I went through crayons like seconds go through minutes go through hours into days. I would sit there and draw for days. So, I take it back to the essence and grace you with the presence of this skinless lizard-like menace. He might live in this house or out in these woods. He’s been in the making as these days have turned into years. And now finally… finally… he is here.



24″ x 36″ Sharpie on Canvas



This kid was rockin’ out on a guitar while I photographed him at the Ryukyu Mura in Okinawa, Japan.  I don’t know what he was playing, but he was awesome!  I wish I had half of the musical talent he had, but I can make art so I combined our talents into this piece.  To make this one I broke open Sharpie markers and took out the ink casing that is inside.  Then I frayed the ends of the casings and used them like paint brushes.  After that I went back in and touched up the rough edges with other Sharpies that were still all together.