You PiCKeD uS


13″ x 17″ Mixed Media on Cardboard


I can tell by the way you study our faces that you are making sure we are the two people you picked out to be your parents. I can tell by the way your eyes lock into mine when you find them that you know we will do a good job raising you. Even though you’ve only opened them for short periods of time I can sense the seriousness of your decision through them.You look right into my soul like you know who I am. Like you’ve known me for a long time. We have only know you in this world for days, but can feel the love of lifetimes in your being. We are so happy to be your parents.



48″ x 44″ Mixed Media on Cardboard



An old piece of cardboard.  Old house paint.  New color swatches from Home Depot.  I glued down the swatches to start this project.  After they were arranged the way I wanted them to be, I began to carve into the spaces of cardboard that remained.  Finally, I added my circles and splatters to top it off.