mijumi Painter T

Mixed Media on Fabric


It’s crazy what a plain white t-shirt ends up looking like after a month or so of painting in it.  It would be kinda cool if it could end up like this one, but that would be a challenge.  I actually just took the shirt and laid it over one of my paintings while it was still wet.  If you are good at recognizing images you might know what painting the pattern on this shirt is from.  Can you guess which one?  Answer

TaKe a LiTTLe TRiP






mijumi TRIP T

Mixed Media on Fabric


If you’ve seen some of the photos on the site then you might recognize this shirt.  It is my original painting t-shirt from when the project began back in January.  Well, it has now been retired and immortalized on the front of another shirt.  Hand stitched by mijumi himself.  Don’t ask me to hem your pants though.





mijumi Gunner T

Mixed Media on Fabric



I have t-shirts I wear while I am working that I wipe excess paint on.   This one had reached its limit and was ready to be made into something else.  I trimmed a circle out of it and bought a fresh white t-shirt.  Then I hand stitched the design onto the new shirt.  Pretty cool, huh?  If you think that is cool, listen to the next part of this story.  *I got a hold of Mike Tyson’s mailing address (with some good stalker… I mean PR work) and sent him the shirt.  I stuck a note inside that asked if he would take a photo wearing my shirt (if he liked it) and email it back to me for the site.  Well, I received an email back with the picture above!  How cool is that?  * I made the t-shirt, but the Tyson part is all made up… it would make for a weird story, maybe I’ll give it a shot…



Aerosol on Fabric



“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”  ~Jah Rastafari


mijumi Peace T

Mixed Media on Fabric



This the other shirt that I sent down to Georgia for my little bro.  My friend Bodley said on the right fabric, in the right store that these shirts could fetch around $100.  That would be something, but I’ll leave the sales up to him.  I feel like I’m getting robbed paying $12 for a t-shirt.  I might buy mine for $11 though.

WeaR MiJuMi

mijumi LIFE T

Mixed Media on Fabric



Sometimes it’s not enough to have your art hanging on the wall.  Sometimes you want to show it to the world in a different way.  Why not wear it?  The mijumi Life T is one of two shirts I made and sent to my brother Matt (click here for a Matt story) for Christmas.  Hey, I have to have some sort of representation down south.

a TRiBuTe To BaSQuiaT


Sharpie on Adidas

Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of my favorite artists of all time.  One may look at his work and say, “that is not art.”  Yeah, well you know, uh, that’s just like… your opinion man.  I love his style and that he made what he wanted to make.  He could have painted a bunch of “perfect” looking pieces and maybe they would have made it onto some hotel room walls, but he didn’t.  Basquiat painted some perfect pieces and took the art world by the throat.  This is my tribute to him.