24″ x 36″ Mixed Media on Wood


Rob Machado is not just some “surfer dude” who hangs out in the water all day getting stoked on waves man.  He is a person that cares about the environment and helping people.  His foundation provides funding for educational programs focused on helping children understand their contribution towards a healthy earth (RMF).  So, next time you think that these guys are just a bunch of beach bums, think again.  Most of them care about this planet we live on and are trying to help preserve it.



Digital Image of Drawing & Photo


If you know who Rob Machado (my half brother, I think) is then this might remind you of him.  It reminded me of him and that is why I call this piece Drifter.  Rob starred in the movie The Drifter as himself and for a surfer playing a surfer did a great job.  If you haven’t seen it it’s worth the time in my opinion.  Anyways, if anyone out there knows Rob and sees this, I ask that you share it with him and let him know that I am still in search of and want to meet my half brother.