YouR GoD


18″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood


There is something out there and we can’t figure it out. Some people believe and some filled with doubt? Is it the father, the son, holy ghost? Or monkeys up there putting on a show? Hard to keep faith with questions unanswered. Family and friends taken by sickness and cancers. The poor and the hungry, the lost and the hurt. How will the meek inherit the earth? Asked to believe without any proof. Seek for yourself and you’ll find your truth. The god you pray to will be there for you. The god you pray to will be your truth. Let go of your doubts give in to your faith. One day she’ll call and you’ll be wide awake. When it’s your turn you’ll get the answers you’re after. Your heart will be filled with joy and laughter. But until then just patiently wait. Believe in your god, believe in your faith.