24″ x 48″ Mixed Media Sculpture


Would you miss the colors? Would it all just be gray? Would things look similar to today? Slowly strangling life, we’ve got to change our way. On a path of doom, listen to what she’s trying to say. Metal flowers can’t slip through cracks on sidewalks of our past. The time is now. The future is in your hands. We must slow down.

BReaTHe iN BReaTHe ouT






24″ x 36″ Vinyl on Metal & 8.5″ x 11″ Ink on Paper

Metallic vinyl and sheet metal.  Not exactly the two best words to describe relaxation.  I wanted to try and make something very soothing out of some things that are not soothing at all.  It started from a drawing I made while in Japan.  It has transitioned over to this piece here in the states.  I heard it might be moving onto someone’s body in the near future… stay tuned.