DReaMiN DeeP


18″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood


What do artists dream of,  when they take a little artist snooze? Do they dream of paint on canvas, or Jackson Pollock drinkin’ booze?. Don’t you worry your crazy haired head, we’re gonna get you back to creatin’ in your cozy studio shed. And then we’re gonna find our new canvas and then we’re gonna paint them and make a mess. Art, Art, Oh, Art Artie Artie Art Art. But if you sleep through alarm clock speakers, well then we’re s**t out of luck.  ~my take on Stu’s Song


mijumi Pollock

8″ x 10″ Mixed Media on Paper



Most people think that anyone can do what Jackson Pollock did as an artist.  I agree that they think they can do it, but disagree that they actually can.  Yeah, you can make something the same way he did, but can you get people to embrace it the way he did?  Can you produce different ideas in the same style the way he did?  Can you use the right colors?  Can you work this way day in and day out and make one painting look different than the next?  Jackson Pollock was a genius… deal with it.  I just wanted to bite his style for a minute to see what it was like.