uNDeR You


10″ x 14″ Mixed Media on Wood


Woke up under you with bottles all around. Searched my pockets for a clue, but a clue was never found. Looked around on the ground made some grunts and some sounds. Must of clowned around, cause my head just pounds and pounds. Don’t know how many, but they musta been goin’ down. Thank God I passed out, I think I could’ve drown. Don’t know how I ended up under you in this town. Probably had a good time, but now I wear a frown. My head hurts… ow.

iN THe WaY



12″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Wood

Something in the way. See you though the crap. Something in his face. Just give him a slap. Temptations can be the downfall or they could be the start. Everything starts somewhere. Something’s tugging on his heart. Feel it when the wind blows. See you through the storm. See your little kindnesses that will keep him warm. He knows what he should do. She knows she’s right for you. She’ll see you through the darkness and guide you to the light. He’ll give in to your heart. It won’t even be a fight.