20.75″ x 32″ Mixed Media on Poster


Happy Birthday to Robert Nesta Marley!

So, I find an old Bob Marley poster (pic on right) in my art studio and I’ve got no where to put it, because my office is already a Marley museum and Nicole won’t let it hang in the living room :(  The most logical thing I could think to do was to draw on it.  But that would be sacrilegious wouldn’t it?  I turn on my ipod and get to the Reggae genre and hit shuffle.  There are over 1,200 songs on my ipod in the Reggae genre, over 1,200.  Which song (Marley fans) do you think pops up first?  GUILTINESS by Bob Marley & The Wailers. What the???  I still couldn’t help myself and kept drawing.  Thank you Mr. Marley for all the beautiful music, the fight for peace & equality and for inspiring so many people throughout the course of your short life.  Your legend will endure beyond this world.

2 thoughts on “HaPPy BiRTHDaY

  1. Hey…our living room walls are covered by your art now anyways. And I don’t want to promote his extracurricular activities to our young, impressionable visitors… :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mon!!! That’s pretty trippy . . . it looks like Bob Marley as a native american Jamaican tribal clansmen . . . sick!